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Sometimes referred to as sick building syndrome, poor indoor air quality in non industrial environments (such as offices or schools) can cause occupant discomfort and adverse reactions to the environment.  An indoor air quality investigation into the contributors of poor indoor air quality may reveal multiple causes.  Wilco Health & Safety uses a variety of investigative techniques to measure and evaluate indoor air quality.

industrial hygiene

 Using state of the art industrial hygiene monitoring equipment,
 surveys, assessments and exposure monitoring is performed
 following established protocols for airborne contaminants and
 physical hazards including:

  - Chemical gases and vapours

  - Asbestos

  - Parculates, fibers and fumes

  - Mould

  - Noise

  - Heat Stress 
By measuring exposures, the risk presented to workers can be considered.  However, minimizing that risk is the goal of industrial hygiene sampling; Wilco Health & Safety provides recommendations to control exposures and minimize risk.


For respirator wearer’s to be properly protected, fit testing must  be performed to ensure that the respirator adequately fits the  wearer’s face.  we provide both qualitative fit testing (using  agents such as bitrex) and quantitative respirator fit testing
 using electronic fit test equipment including controlled negative pressure.