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Alberta OHS Code Explanation Guide

The Alberta Government has recently discontinued the Alberta OHS Code Explanation Guide that had been available in PDF format and available for free download.  It was a resource that provided additional commentary on the Alberta OHS Code; it helped with interpretation and application of the Code's requirements.

The Alberta Government is now offering an annual subscription, called the OHS online annual subscription.  At this time it's uncertain if content that was previously contained in the Alberta OHS Code Explanation Guide will be available through this subscription.

The Explanation Guide was a great resource for understanding occupational health and safety concepts.  Many occupational health and safety professionals found it useful in increasing their understanding of workplace health and safety, much like a textbook.

The previous edition of the Alberta OHS Code Explanation Guide can be viewed here by clicking on the PDF icon below.

Alberta OHS Code Explanation Guide 2018


Wilco Health and Safety provides assistance to employers in responding to Alberta OH&S inspections, preparing compliance plans and implementing changes to meet compliance requirements.

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