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Health And Safety Training

As a Calgary occupational health and safety company, we are committed to providing organizations with the resources, guidance, and tools they need to provide healthy and safe workplaces.  Our services include health and safety training in specific topics as well as to support the health and safety program itself. 


In a well-functioning health and safety program, health and safety training will take many forms and will be integrated into normal business operations.  Some health and safety training will be provided in-house while more specialized training will be provided by external providers and even on-line. 


In-house health and safety training is typically provided by internal personnel, or a contracted health and safety consultant, and include training in parts of the OH&S program, such as:


  • Health and safety orientation for new employees

  • Manager/supervisor health and safety duties and responsibilities

  • Hazard assessment training

  • Workplace inspection training

  • Accident investigation training

  • Emergency response training including fire warden duties

  • Various safe work procedures such as working alone and lockout


External health and safety training providers are typically best-suited to provide training in specialized topics.  Training may be provided on-site or off-site in areas such as:


  • Confined space entry

  • Fall protection

  • Forklift operation

  • Ground disturbance (excavation)

  • First Aid


On-line training is another method of health and safety training.  Some topics may be well suited for on-line delivery, but not always.  For example, generic WHMIS training may be received well when delivered on-line, whereas fall protection wouldn’t be (it may be acceptable for an awareness-level of training, but not as end-user training) as the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code requires some hands-on components.


Health and safety training is an integral part of a health and safety program.  All training should be documented in the health and safety program including orientations, required training, and refresher training. 


Wilco Health and Safety is a Calgary health and safety company.  Contact us today to discuss your health and safety training needs.

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