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COVID-19 Guidance and Inspections

COVID-19 has caused enormous disruption and challenges for businesses.  Government COVID -19 expectations and requirements continue to change, causing uncertainly for businesses who are struggling to remain operational.

Wilco Health and Safety assists businesses and organizations in navigating COVID requirements and provides guidance in determining control methods to protect employees, the public and others. 


Our COVID services include:


COVID Inspections


There’s a lot that goes into the physical work environment, and how we conduct our work, that protects workers and others from COVID.  We’ll inspect your facility and operations for possible COVID concerns and provide a report with recommendations.  Contact us to schedule an inspection, it typically only takes a few hours.


COVID Protocols


COVID requirements can get complicated for employers - physical requirements,
screening, testing, dealing with illnesses, training, isolation, quarantine etc.  Outlining
all of this in a COVID protocols document will be helpful in many ways including
consistent application of COVID controls, and act as a source of training for workers
in the employer’s COVID plan.  Contact us and we’ll review your operations, prepare
COVID protocols and provide guidance with implementation.




Alberta OH&S has been active in inspecting workplaces for COVID issues, investigating COVID concerns raised by workers, and possible transmission in the workplace.  In fact, under certain circumstances, a positive COVID case in the workplace can be considered a potentially serious incident that must be reported to Alberta OH&S. 


Wilco Health and Safety provides assistance to employers in responding to Alberta OH&S inspections, preparing compliance plans and implementing changes to meet compliance requirements.

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