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Wilco Health and Safety - a Calgary Health and Safety Company

We’re a health and safety company that’s passionate about what we do.  We develop health and safety programs and provide a variety of other safety-related services, you can see more details on our website.  Our work helps to reduce workplace injuries; we want everyone to go home from work each day without suffering the impacts of a workplace injury. 


As a Calgary safety consultant, we work primarily in the Calgary region.  However, we do work out of town for the right project within Alberta and Western Canada.  We’ve worked in hundred of workplaces throughout all types of industries.


All of our work is customized to each client’s workplace.  We don’t boilerplate health and safety program manuals.  After all, a health and safety program developed for one workplace just won’t work in other workplaces.  For all of our projects, it’s a priority for us to understand each clients' workplace and operations.  Organizational cultures differ significantly among industries, and the work that we do for our clients must mesh with their organizational culture.

We’re Wilco Health and Safety, a Calgary heath and safety company.  We care about people and our clients.  Contact us to discuss your occupational heath and safety needs.

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