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Emergency Response Plans

Are you prepared for an emergency at work?  Does everyone know where to go if there is an evacuation?  What if there’s a fire, a tornado, or a violent intruder?  Wilco Health and Safety is a Calgary health and safety company that help businesses in and around Calgary with their health and safety programs.  Understandably, emergency response plans are a critical part of any organization’s health and safety program. 


An emergency response plan will protect employees, the public and others by providing directions in what to do in an emergency.  An effective emergency response plan will detail procedures for potential emergencies, detail evacuation processes and roles, outline how to use emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, specify health and safety training requirements, and assess first aid needs.  These are some of the requirements of an Alberta health and safety program.


The needs of each organization's emergency response plan are different.  Some company’s primary emergency considerations are evacuation and fire, while others may be workplace violence.  As a Calgary health and safety consultant, we assist companies in determining these priorities and in developing customized procedures and training to maintain emergency preparedness.


Wilco Health and Safety is a Calgary health and safety company serving Western Canada.  Contact us today to assist in assessing your emergency response plan and in develop a plan to better protect the people in your organization.

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